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Possessed and Fire

These two books have just been given wonderful new covers and the names have been tweaked: I hope no one gets confused!

Rayne wants a complete break from her old life, from her possessive boyfriend and the claustrophobia of the inner-city estate she lives on. She lands a live-in job in the wildness of the country, at an ancient manor house called Morton’s Keep, where life is exhilarating, but terrifying too. There’s something sinister going on at the Keep – something to do with its history – but no one will talk to her about it. No one except her new group of friends, that is. They’re alluring and seductive …especially the group leader, the elegant St John.

Who can she trust to tell her the truth? She can sense something evil growing – but from where, from who? And how can she keep herself safe from it?

To me, the most frightening arena is inside the mind. I wanted to explore that, and the fear of the not-known, in this book. I wanted to look at what would happen when a town-girl is transplanted to a remote place where nights are pitch black and nature dominates. Rayne is deeply drawn to the woods, but she hears strange stories about them, and the mysterious fire people. She must fight to find out the truth, and be brave in facing up to who she really is ....

I loved writing Possessed – I got totally involved in it, so involved I went straight into the sequel, Fire, which goes deeper into the ancient curse that lies over Morton's Keep - things get even more terrifying. And Rayne and Ethan are very much thrown together .....

Both Possessed and Consumed have been selected by the prestigious Junior Library Guild in the USA.

Daily Telegraph: "...a serious thriller ... beautifully written, deeply frightening."

The Mirror: "Although aimed at young adults, this is about as spine-tingling as a novel gets. Rayne, the teenage heroine, finds that life away from London in a rural idyll is not as peaceful as she’d been led to believe. In fact, it’s terrifying. And why is she being warned off new friend St John, who’s like no man she’s ever met? Dark and gothic with plenty of hidden secrets."

Booklist, USA on Consumed: Sixteen-year-old Rayne is edgy, which is odd since the sadistic presence she encountered in Possessed (2010) has been exorcised from the gothic mansion Morton’s Keep, and everything should be fine. But the new management at the Keep seems connected to new violence in the area, and the mystic-mythic Green Lady reenlists an unwilling Rayne to restore order. In this return to the English countryside and heavily atmospheric Keep, Cann deftly creates another chilling supernatural tale, with enough danger and detail to ground new readers from the start.

School Library Journal, USA on Consumed: Darkly gothic scenes described vividly through Cann’s superb imagery help set the mood for this thrilling and romantic mystery.

From Bookends Book Blog in the USA: "Deliciously addictive! Cann’s atmospheric tale blends supernatural terror with an intensely sympathetic coming of age story. Rayne is a vividly developed character and her struggles to define herself are deftly drawn. Two gorgeous boys add palpable sexual tension heightening interest. The result is irresistible. You’ve been warned - clear your calendar, sit back and enjoy."

Go to Turn2page1.com, a brilliant site for teen readers, and check out the interview with me all about Possessing Rayne.

"From the claustrophobic city streets to the sensuous landscape of wild Herefordshire, Possessing Rayne is an engrossing, tantalising tale, charting the rise of an ancient evil in a seemingly idyllic setting. I love the way Kate Cann creates such credible contemporary settings, conflicts and characters yet infuses her story with a passion for the natural world, a convincing sense of centuries of history, strands of earthy magic and paganism." Sarah Singleton, author of Century which won the Booktrust Teenage Prize, and the excellent Amethyst Child.

"FANTASTIC! A brilliant story full of intense emotions and creepiness with a tint of the supernatural. Riverting – I can’t wait for the sequel." Jade of Moira House School, Eastbourne.

"As I was getting to the end of the book I was so scared I didn't want to carry on reading but I had to because I was so enthralled. It was a marvellous read even if it did make my heart race all the way through it and put me on the edge of my seat. I really want to know what happens next, I can't wait for the sequel." The other Kate Cann, from South Wales!

'Fire and Rayne is an excellent continuation from Possessing Rayne. I finished the book in less than two days, as did my friend who eagerly read it after me. Rayne is working alongside Ethan, and the rest of the fire boys, to stop St. John and his accomplices from releasing Morton Keep’s dangerously dark history. This time, St John’s schemes are far worse than before and much darker. He’s not afraid to do everything it takes to get what he wants, including murder. He will stop at nothing. But will he succeed, or will he be stopped in time? You’ll just have to wait and see!
For all book lovers or fans of Possessing Rayne, I would definitely recommend this book to you. I I loved the ending: I never thought that it could end on such a high note after all that had happened! Beth Hey.



A scratch at the door. Owl cries in the night. Black candles burnt to the ground. Why is Rayne suddenly so frightened by everything? She’s come to Morton’s Keep to get away from the stifling city, away from her mother and her boyfriend – to find some space and silence. But she’s mystified by her new group of friends … why are they so interested in the old house? Rayne can’t imagine what’s coming...

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When Rayne flees London to work in a remote mansion house, she hopes for a peaceful life. But Morton's Keep holds terrible secrets - and when a glamorous new manager turns up, things take a sinister turn.

Rayne's afraid. She doesn't know who to trust - even the ghosts of the creepy old house seem to be warning her. And then something happens - something so shocking Rayne knows she was right to be afraid ...

The evil hasn't disappeared. It's growing stronger ....

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