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Barrington Stoke

These books are published by Barrington Stoke and are short, fast-moving, easy reads. They're brilliant for reluctant readers - and if your first language isn't English. I've just had the good news that they're getting funky new covers in 2012!

Text Game is a based on something that happened to my daughter: another girl stalked her boyfriend, sending texts and weaving fantasies. The confusion and lies almost split them up. Texting has really changed the way teenagers relate to each other. You can be in contact the whole time, and that’s not always good.

Crow Girl was born when I saw crows following an old man round the park; he told me he trained them with dog biscuits. The story of a lonely girl who could call crows started to form itself in my brain. Because of the crows, Lily starts to like herself, and so become attractive. She takes risks, and stands up to the girls bullying her.

I got so involved with Crow Girl I went straight into the sequel, Crow Girl Returns. I wanted to show Lily going through real change, growing confident and creative, becoming a friend, and working out her relationship with Kyle.

And I wanted to tell what happens when the crows get jealous…

Text Game was voted Number 9 in the Top 20 Most Popular titles for Girls (Years 9 -11) in the Renaissance Learning What Kids Are Reading report 2011.

Crow Girl was shortlisted for the Birmingham Book Award 2007 - it made the last four. Yay!

'Text Game tells of a real case of low self-esteem. I found the characters believable, especially Mel – I have met girls just like her. I thought the dialogue was true to life, especially the “texting”. This was an enjoyable book, easily read and most importantly, with a happy ending.' Teen Titles

'A story for our times…Text Game explores the issues of trust and jealousy in an intriguing tale of teenage angst and friendship.' Army Family Federation

Crow Girl: 'Cann gets teenage concerns exactly right. That feeling of being misunderstood, undervalued, the burning need to ‘show them all’. Those who fantasise about their triumphant moment, when their true powers are unveiled and their tormentors stand in awe, will find Lily making her own fantasy into a reality inspiring stuff.' Achuka

Text Game

“it’s like I’m frozen, my mind’s somewhere else … that voice in my head is telling me to ask him about the texts, but I can’t. I’m so scared. Scared he’ll lie, scared of the truth.”

Everything's going great in Mel's life. And the best bit's Ben. He's gorgeous, he's fun and great to be with - she can't believe he's going out with her. Then she starts getting nasty text messages. They say Ben's playing with her. They say he's going to dump her. They say he's seeing someone else. Are they just from some jealous nutcase, like her friend Lisa says? Or are they telling her the truth?

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Crow Girl

There’s no light … without the dark

Lily is an outsider. Girls bully her, boys don’t know she’s alive. She begins to hide from her troubles at the nearby Wakeless Woods. But she is not alone. The crows are there. Watching. When she finds the crows, she finds herself –and a burning need to show everyone at school the new Lily. Will this Halloween be a night to remember?

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Crow Girl Rises

In the dark, the crows are rising...

Lily used to be nobody, until she made friends with the crows in the dark wood. Now Lily is Crow Girl. She’s powerful and in love. She’s somebody.

But that just makes the bullies want to hurt her even more. Lily has to end it. Once and for all.

Crow Girl is back. Watch the skies.

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