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Sea Change

Holidays aren't just lazy treats. When you're somewhere quite different, all your old assumptions about how to live get challenged and you get shaken out of your rut.

That's what happens to Chloe. She has to be one of my bravest heroines yet. Everything gets turned upside down for her. The girl she practically worships turns out to have a dark side. She no longer feels safe where she's staying. The boy she's got the hots for seems to hate her. She feels like she's losing everything.

But with help from unexpected places she battles her way through .... she fights for who she is and what she wants.

Publishing News has selected it as a teen recommended title, calling it: 'An intelligent and exciting summer read.'

The Bookbag chose it for its Teens: Hot Picks spot and gave it 5 out of 5 stars. YAY!:
'This book is good. It’s exciting, enticing and energetic. It has a good, fluid story and some interesting characters, and it asks a lot of questions both of these characters and of the readers themselves. Who can write intricate, engaging, thrilling books for teens that suck you in from the first chapter? Kate Cann.'
See the rest of the review on http://www.thebookbag.co.uk/cannsea.htm. It's a great site!

Sea Change

Mediterranean Holiday

Chloe is obsessed by Davinia – she’s beautiful, rich and sexy – everything Chloe wants to be. So she’s thrilled to be invited on Davinia’s “boring” family holiday. But Chloe will soon find out that there’s another, uglier side to her heroine.

Take one beautiful island with wide, blazing beaches, two girls – and one boy. The result? Nothing is ever going to be the same again

Kate Talking about her book "Sea Change"

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