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Beach Books

These are my summer books, designed to sling in a beach bag and read by the sea.

Fiesta (Spanish Holiday in the US) was based on a wonderful place in southern Spain I go to sometimes. It’s so exotic, with its olive trees and geckoes, tapas bars and hot sun. There’s a wide gulf between Spanish and British teen culture, too; I wanted to look at what would happen if a Spanish boy and an English girl fell for each other.

Escape (California Holiday in the US) came about because I had a vision of a girl on a greyhound bus with a cat-carrier with a large iguana in it. (What would Freud make of that?) Also I’m a great believer in the Gap Year, cramming as much travel as you can into it…

Footloose (Grecian Holiday in the US) was based on a summer I spent in an old Greek farmhouse, when I was eighteen. Teen culture changes, but things like love and longing, hate and jealousy don’t. The farmhouse has such an impact on the girls that I wanted it to have a real presence in the book, almost like another character. I felt the same about the sun; one lovely reviewer said ‘the heat comes off the page’.

'A great summer holiday read from queen of teen Kate Cann about drinking, clubbing, guys and all the dilemmas that naturally come with them.' J-17

'What really marks out Cann as an exceptional writer of teenage fiction is her descriptions of sexual relationships. She conveys beautifully the power and the danger of sex.' Books for Keeps

'a perfect holiday read, full of sun, sand and saucy bits!' Sugar


Grecian Holiday

Going on holiday with your boyfriend should be heavenly. Spending all that time together, fooling around in the sun – bliss. So when he says he wants you to go camping with him and four of his mates, what do you do?

You leave him behind.

When Kelly arrives in Greece with Jade and Sarah, she knows she’s done the right thing. The cliff top farmhouse is gorgeous, the sea and sun are fantastic and the freedom makes her dizzy. The days stretch out idyllically before the three girls, and the nights… It couldn’t be more perfect, until a van arrives with five familiar lads in it…

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Spanish Holiday

Laura’s a bit worried about going away with Ruth and her new boyfriend. She thinks Tom’s a bit of a jerk, and she doesn’t like the way he’s changing her friend. But still, Yaz’ll be there, too, and at least the Jerk’s got a car…

And getting away is all that matters.

But being trapped inside a small Astra with the most obnoxious bloke in the world is not Laura’s idea of a good holiday. Has she really saved for months just to watch Spain whiz by the car window?

But then a chance wrong turning changes everything. Soon the real Spain is opening out before them and the real holiday begins…

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California Holiday

Rowan thinks spending her gap year in the USA will be the best thing she’s ever done. Her family’s driving her mad, and she desperately needs to get away from the relentless what-are-you-going-to-do-with-the-rest-of-your-life? parental pressure.

America, land of the free, here I come…

But after starting to work for psychotic Sha and her hot-housed kid in Seattle, Rowan feels more trapped than ever. Enough is enough. Taking Iggy the unloved iguana with her – he deserves some freedom, too – she hits the road. Suddenly, with only a rescued lizard for company and California in her sights, she’s sure escaping to America was the best thing to do after all…

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