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Moving Trilogy

I'm thrilled about the reissue of the Hard Cash trilogy with its swanky new covers and titles. I didn't know it was going to be a trilogy when I started writing it, so the old titles didn't fit together like the new ones do ...Rich definitely moves out, moves in and moves on!

I really wanted to write something from a boy’s point of view, in his voice. I’m fascinated by the fact that the same relationship can be an entirely different series of events for the boy. It takes courage and imagination to work through all the differences and spaces in a relationship, to try and ‘meet up’.

Rich’s character was born when I saw an attractive, scruffy boy crouching in front of a display of art pencils in a shop. He had his art tin open, deciding which pencils he should replace; they’d all been worked down to tiny stubs. So I started thinking about a boy who had everything going for him – looks, incredible artistic talent, friends – but who was always absolutely skint. I talked to lots of teenagers and I realized that money is vitally important today, far more so than when I was young. So I also wanted to examine the role of money in these books – what it’s like to suddenly have it, what it changes about you, what happens when you lose it again.

'Slick, cool and compulsive, 'Moving Out' is pumped full of adrenaline as Rich discovers life in the fast lane. You'll enjoy the ride.' Telegraph

'zappy, intelligent' The Times

'A shrewd, well-paced, enjoyable novel ...scenes are vividly caught ...a good read.' Books for Keeps

'incredible impact and undeniable realism... direct, immediate and credible ...I only hope there will be a third'. Bookseller There is! Kate

Moving Out

Hard Cash

Rich is sick of not having any money. He wears the same old gear all the time and has to scrounge off his mates in the pub. The girl he fancies won’t look at him twice because he cuts his own hair and life is passing him by.

But then fortune decides to smile on Richard Steele. Soon he finds himself with lots of lovely money just burning a hole in his pocket. And with it comes everything else: clothes, freedom, sex… Oh yes, Rich is on a roll and nothing’s going to stop him…

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Moving In

Shacked up

The dream might be dead, but at least Rich gets to keep the flat. OK, so he’s not going to be a multi-millionaire by the time he’s twenty, but he’s got his own place, he’s got Portia (well, almost) and he’s got his freedom.

And you can’t put a price on that.

Trouble is, now he’s got Bonny, too. She landed on his doorstep one night, asking to stay for a bit, and he could hardly say no. Which is a shame because how is he going to impress Portia if Bonny keeps hanging about?

Women. Can’t live with them, can’t live without ’em…

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Moving On


Rich is determined Bonny’s going to be his girlfriend. No messing about this time, he wants a proper relationship. Trouble is, things keep getting in the way. Like the past, and interfering friends, and the thing that’s bothering Bonny, the thing she won’t talk about. Not forgetting Tigger, of course…

And then it all turns into a road movie.

Bonny’s best friend has been dragged up to Scotland by her scary boyfriend to join a weird cult. Rich and Bonny dash up the M1 to the rescue, cranking their relationship up another gear as they go. There’s a damsel in distress, but how will Rich cope with his girlfriend being in the driving seat?

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The cult in Moving On was a very satisfying act of revenge on a cult I once got caught up in ...


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