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Hello America! You get a page all to yourselves because some of my books have been given different titles in the USA. This has led to confusion and people buying the same book twice and (understandably) getting pretty irate about it. Just click on a cover to reach more information about that book.

I am beyond thrilled that my books are enjoyed in the States! I know how 'English' they are. We drink too young and drive too old and don't play baseball, and we use strange and sometimes upsetting words. But hey - we're the same underneath! I should know - I studied American Literature at uni and I married half an American. I mean of course a half American. So I feel a bond ...

Possessed and Consumed were both awarded Junior Library Guild Selection status; I'm impressed that the wild worlds of fire dancing and old-country paganism can cross the Atlantic.

I am glad that my very first books, the passionate Coll and Art trilogy, were reissued in the States under their original titles. They came out in the US some years back called 'Ready?' 'Sex' and 'Go!' (I mean - really! Who wants to be seen reading a book called 'Sex'?). Now the whole trilogy is available as an e-book via Amazon.

And if you want to read Art's side of the love affair - and what happens to this tempestuous couple and whether they stay together in the end or split up for good! - it's now available as an e-book too. Just click on the link .....


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Diving In

In the Deep End

Sink or Swim

Mediterranean Holiday
Sea Change
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Grecian Holiday
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Spanish Holiday
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California Holiday
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Hard Cash
Moving Out
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Shacked up
Moving In
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Moving On
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