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Kate CannWinter 2013, and a lot has happened! We've moved to Sussex, and are living in the middle of a building site on the edge of some meadows. And I've stopped writing for now; my publishers and I came to the end of the road after more than 15 excellent years. It feels quite good to have a breather; I'm not searching for a new publisher yet. I've got more involved with my daughter's company Wedding in a Teacup now we're living a lot closer to her, and I have the bliss of babysitting my little granddaughter for a day or two each week!

Witch Crag, my latest book, has been shortlisted for the Southern Schools Book Award and the Angus award, which is very gratifying. I so enjoyed writing it - it ended up on a far grander scale than I imagined. It's set in a dystopian world where warrior men are afraid of female power. I do think witches have been a bit too cuddly and nice recently - my witches are dangerous, healers but occasionally cruel, and the users of real magic, not fantasy stuff.

The cover for it is fantastic, eerie and powerful; my publishers have also relaunched Leaving Poppy and the two Rayne books, Possessed and Fire, all with wonderful covers by the same young designer to whom I owe a big drink!

Unfortunately, the editor who asked me to write the romantic, spooky tale Jealous Ghost for Barrington Stoke books has left the company, and they now don't want to go with it. A lesson learned - get the contract first!

I'm also putting my backlist up as e-books - when I'm not making tea for the builders or planting hawthorn out in the meadows for the birds .....





Photo by Dominic Turner, 2007

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