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Kate CannSpring 2021

I won't bore you with cliches about the pandemic, but I will salute all you kids out there who have had to deal with the colossal weirdness of last year. I hope you spent as much time as you could outdoors lapping up nature. I hope you kept in touch with your friends and managed to sleep. And (well, I'm an author, I would say this) I hope you got deeper into reading books.

I've been very agitated by the whole 'everyone's invited' drama, about sexual abuse rife in schools. It seems we're living in porn-twisted times where honest, equal sexual relationships are hard for the young to achieve. I was starting to think of my books as historical fiction, but now I think their message has strong relevance today.

I've just put the three Rich Steele books (the Moving trilogy) up on Amazon for download and of course I reread bits as I was doing it. I found the scene where Bonny and Rich get together and she's so drunk she passes out beside him. Despite being horny as 'a newly turned werewolf' his main instinct is protectiveness not predation. He wants something wilder, richer and more intimate than the nasty slick shit offered by porn. Most men do, but at the moment the culture is against them. It reminds me of the Victorian age, when the culture was that sex was 'dirty' and men went in their droves to prostitutes. Both then and now the young were cheated of real sex. Which takes listening and harmonising, growing and exploring, honesty and bravery, and hugely repays your work.





Photo by Dominic Turner, 2007

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